Saturday, January 31, 2009


lunch came a bit early today, because i went for a 3-3.5 mile run (well actually, i walked most of the way back), and didn't have a mid-morning snack, because i really wasn't hungry before i left. so now i'm dining on leftovers. it's a good thing i liked this dish, because i thought it would make 3 servings (plus 3 that i froze, sans pasta!) but this is my 3rd time having it and i still have another portion in the fridge. #4 will be a bit boring, but it's healthy & homemade, and i'm poor, so i will eat it up tomorrow. i really like the anise seeds in the chicken sausage... ties the flavors together really well. i added some cottage cheese to bulk up the lunch so that i will stay on track for the day.

i think i was actually quite hungry for this lunch, as i'm already almost finished.

leftover whole wheat pasta w/ italian chicken sausage & roasted peppers, pear with 1/2 cup cottage cheese and a sprinkling of wheat germ
** 2 starches, 1 veg, 2 protein, 2 other, 1 fruit, 1 dairy **

hmmm i don't really know that the exchanges are right... originally i wrote 3 proteins but since the recipe ended up making more servings than i thought... oh well, it's probably not too off.

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