Friday, January 30, 2009


i didn't sleep too well last night, but i woke up hungry and ready for breakfast. after a nice shower i put together breakfast:

mix pb puffins, heritage flakes, frozen blueberries, and soymilk... great combo!
** 2.5 starch, 1 dairy, .5 fruit **

packing lunch & snacks:

morning snack: "dark chocolate down under" wallaby yogurt - never tried this one before!
** 1 dairy, 1 other **

lunch: leftover whole wheat, sausage, and bell pepper pasta, and a pear cut with my insanely cute fruit cutter (cuts into 16 slices)
** 2 starch, 3 protein, 1 veg, 2 other, 1 fruit **

afternoon snack: friday latte day with friend at work! i'll probably get a grande soy latte with vanilla or hazelnut syrup =).
** 2 dairy, 1 other **

ok, finishing up this coffee and then off to work. i my new digital camera!

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