Thursday, July 2, 2009

back to normal

belle, the one and only:

i took the kitten back yesterday. it was sad but sweet. had belle not turned into a stressed-out ball of fur, i certainly wouldn't have returned the kitten... but having this all happen this way made me realize that i'm not ready to let an animal affect my day-to-day life, and now i am more appreciative of having belle. despite her loud meows whenever i am in distant! proximity to her food bowl, and despite her shedding everywhere, she's a good cat, never biting or scratching or getting into any of my stuff, and she loves affection. plus she's generally lazy, which is a good thing...

i stopped off at trader joe's yesterday because i literally passed it on my way home from the cat shelter (i rarely go because it's 20+ min away)-- and i really needed to pick up something quick for dinner, as it was already 6:30 by then. i bought some lovely sushi, a box of green tea MOCHI (2 of which pretty much made my evening yesterday), some fruit, and a 4-pack of blueberry-raspberry oat bran muffins.

so i had an almond butter-less breakfast for a change:

fuji apple (i know, not in season, but i've been craving the crunch), cottage cheese, aforementioned muffin

it's going to be a busy/tiring day-- too much to do at work-- but it's almost the weekend (off tomorrow!) and i feel pretty good. all of this stress would have certainly led me to use my eating disorder in the past... but i've made it through, and that gives me confidence and hope. i'm sad that several of my friends will be away this weekend, but i'm looking forward to some self-time.

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