Wednesday, July 1, 2009

me & my oatbran, back to normal?!

i don't even know where my camera is... somewhere stashed away from my kitty. life has been chaotic these past few days due to the little rugrat, and sadly, the kitten is being RETURNED today. i feel soooooo guilty for returning an animal, but she has totally stressed my cat out, who has now had two peepee accidents, and frankly, after 3 weeks of trying to work things out, i'm not willing to risk any more. i've since locked the kitten up in the bathroom and have given lots of love to my cat, who has resumed her normal litterbox behavior (thank the lord!). the kitten is adorable, but i cannot wait until this afternoon when i can bring her back and give both my cat and me some well-needed peace.

despite the hot weather, i was craving oatbran this morning. so here i am in front of my oatbran/banana/pblarabar/raisin/maplesyrup/almondbutter concoction. i've been extra hungry for the past few days... maybe it's been anxiety?

i guess i'll head into work... i've been working since 6:30 this morning (watching over my cat to make sure she was OK) so at least i won't feel too guilty stepping out early...

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