Friday, July 3, 2009

a date with. . . myself!

i experimented with an odd combination at lunch yesterday... and i liked it, so i will share:

avocado and almond butter!

try it and you might like it too! since i had an almond butter-less breakfast (a rarity), i had to try to squeeze it in somehow =). here was my strange mishmash-of-a-lunch:

1/2 sandwich with avocado and almond butter, grapes, 4 pieces surimi sushi (leftover from my trader joe's dinner)

and last night, i had a date... with myself! i was really craving some quiet time, and i didn't feel like cooking. i stopped at whole foods for some good eats, and decided to get a beer too!

spinach-walnut-gorgonzola salad, chimichurri-shrimp skewer, cilantro-lime chicken skewer, hell's belle belgian beer (mmmmmm...)

i finished off my beer with dessert ... 2 green tea mochi!

and now i'm still happy for some quiet time... off to crochet outside on my porch. and because it's so beautiful out , i'll let belle come out there with me (she loves to be outside but i rarely let her).


  1. I'm very jealous of that lunch! So many good things to eat at once! Happy Independence day!

  2. AB and avocado? haha, strange, but I'll take your word for it!

  3. did you have a nice weekend?