Monday, July 6, 2009

ho hum

thanks, suzie, for asking about my weekend (seriously). my weekend was... less than stellar. there were just a bunch of disappointments, and i finally let them get the best of me yesterday. when life hands you lemons... yeah yeah yeah.

so i'm in a kind of blasé mood, and i just want someone to tell me things will get better, easier, happier, more natural. and i'm not just singling out the e.d. but just... life. wah wah wah pity party for rebecca =/.

i made a quick dinner that reminded me of childhood, but i just sort of ate it because it was after 7:30 and that means i should have dinner. it nourished me, and i guess that was the point, but i didn't care a whole lot about it.

cheese & potato pierogies, peas

at least it didn't bother me that i ate exactly TWO servings of pierogies-- although i'm sure a 3-piece serving is intended as more of a side rather than a main dish.

i finished a new project this weekend for a class i will be teaching in september-- a market bag for groceries. i think it turned out great, although my picture is dark, as per usual. there are actually 2 cds crocheted into the bottom of the bag as a base, which i thought was a clever idea, but who knows how sturdy that will be... anyway, i won't be using this until after the class is over, so i have a while to find out!

well that's all for now...


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your weekend wasn't the greatest. I am feeling the same ho hum feeling. What I've been trying to tell myself is that I feel better when I treat myself well.

    I put up that picture of the girl in the bathingsuit I posted on my blog right beside my computer. Looking at it makes me happy because I really believe she looks healthy and sexy. Just realizing that I'm not forcing myself to think that makes me happy. that's progress.

    I guess my point is, I can tell that you are not happy with going back. you are frustrated with your reaction to the weekend events and that I think is great. You are paying attention to how you feel. you are analyzing these situations. Your behaviour has changed. you have tons to be proud of.

    tomorrow is a brand new day. We can get through it.

  2. Hy there... Just stumbled over your blog!
    Hmm... Struggling sounds a bit too familiar :/
    It will get better!!! It will get easier!! That's what I try to convince myself every day!! So... Just stay strong! And hopefully we will look back at this time a few month from now and think "how could we have doubted it". Wishfull thinking.... Hug from (right at the moment) sunny Switzerland!

  3. I hope you are doing well. No pressure to blog at all. I was just thinking about you and thought I`d send you a little message.

  4. ditto 2 suzie...hope you are OK rebecca! i know im not a poster here but i do follow and keep your situation in my heart. let us know when you can...

  5. It's been over a month. Are you done blogging? Miss you!

  6. It's been more than a month since your last post! :( Are you gone?