Tuesday, June 30, 2009

presentation isn't everything

here's my kitchen table this morning. ok ok, it's really not all that disorganized...

check out my old-school phone... i finally get an upgrade next month.

i've calmed down quite a bit from last night. i woke up famished (despite my late dinner), and munched a granola bar before heading out in the... 65°! weather for a perfect run. i've been doing the treadmill thing lately, since it's been so darn hot, so this was wonderful. i really don't like the treadmill!

i'm relieved that i'm going to see my nutritionist this morning and then my therapist on thursday. i've made it through a lot of rough moments this week, and i'm ready for everything to slow down a notch. that being said, i think i've also grown stronger from surviving all the chaos.

1 comment:

  1. Once again, I find myself in agreement with you--this time about the treadmill. It always seems like punishment to me. Give me some asphalt and I'm happy!

    Congratulations on your successful navigation through the rough patches this week and for recognizing that they have helped you become stronger.