Thursday, June 4, 2009


i feel like this morning has been unusually hectic. from 6a.m. when my alarm when off, i've ben on the go: get up, change into running clothes, run out the door, run 30 min, come home, brush teeth, take shower/get dressed, set up coffee, make tuna salad, pack lunch, make breakfast, blog/eat breakfast, send a couple emails for work, get to therapy appt....

normally this is pretty typical, so i think i must be dragging behind on sleep, because this is all seeming quite challenging. and/or maybe because i got in last night at 9:15 (after hanging out with some local knitters--i am a dork) and basically had time to eat and go to bed. i definitely need some unwinding time (introvert!).

anyways, i am SUPER excited to go see the decemberists in concert tonight. YEAH! i'm meeting up with my sister after work today and we're going together. i'll be playing their music all day long to get me pumped up (er well, in between meetings)!

i bought more cherries yesterday! i thought i was going to take a break from them, but they were $2.99/lb and i couldn't resist. and so good! breakfast:

ezekiel sprouted grain english muffin, almond butter/banana/blueberry preserves (on one), cherries & blueberries

i snapped a pic of my lunch packed... i think maybe i was feeling more rushed this morning because i was prepping lunch while hungry for breakfast:

tuna-corn salad (corn replaces the crunch of celery* and adds some sweetness, try it! made with fresh--raw--corn cut off the cobb, i actually prefer it that way in salads), red bell pepper, small amount choped onion, mix of mayo & chobani plain, s & p, dried basil, to stuff in a toasted whole wheat pita, carrot sticks, 2 fig "newmans"

* and i didn't have any celery

i looked in my fridge this morning and realized i was almost all out of yogurt (1/2 a chobani and 1 wallaby left, plus 1 yogurt at work) and i'm all out of cottage cheese . how did i let that happen?!

thursday already?


  1. OMG OMG OMG the Decemberists are amazing! At one live performance they re-enacted the Battle of Gallipoli in front of the stage. Have fun!

  2. Dangit, I just realized Blogger and Google are doing that weird "profile not available" thing, even though my profile certainly IS available. Anyway, my blog is Pratfalls at

    And I have to ask about the crochet headband you posted a few days back. My sister is a crochet genius - is there a pattern you used?

  3. re: decemberists... i know, i can't wait! heating up a quick supper now w/ my sister before heading out.

    you can find the crochet patterns here - there are a whole bunch of cute ones!