Monday, June 8, 2009

mondays are like tuesdays and tuesdays are like wednesdays

didn't feel like posting last night... i ended up eating a bunch of smaller snacks rather than dinner (hummus & pita, baby carrots, string cheese, blueberries, among other things), as i initially didn't really want dinner. i had a frappuccino while out and about running errands in the afternoon, and it filled me up more than i thought it would. i was conscious of the fact that my dinnersnacks could lead to trouble, but i kept myself busy with my latest crochet project, and all ended well.

on the breakfast menu: cinn-maple waffles, maple almond butter, banana, cherries, kiwi!

oh look, weekend's over...


  1. are your cherries fresh or frozen? Do you pit them with a tool?

  2. fresh! they were on sale for $2.99/lb. i use an oxo cherry pitter and it is the best tool everrrr.