Monday, June 29, 2009


today was one of the roughest days i've had in a long time. my day went from calm to stressed, and just when i thought i had everything down / anxiety back to a reasonably-stressed level, BAM, cat decides to pee in a box of important papers rather than her litterbox.

after some much needed coaching from my therapist, i decided that skipping dinner would not be the best way to deal with the chaos. so i sat down to this, which was waiting for me right before my cat decided to make my day just that much better...

"sante fe summer pot" (slightly modified) with shrimp/avocado/tomato/onion/jalapeno/corn/celery/cilantro/lime juice/cumin/coriander/tortilla chips...

it was good, but really it was just sort of... food to get me through the night. i'm so ready for the day to be over.


  1. sounds dreadful. Good for you for using your available resources and getting through the night with success! great job! I hope tomorrow is less stressful.

  2. thanks for the kind thoughts =).