Saturday, June 13, 2009

belle. . . meet sebastian


and her new furry friend, sebastian:

(and some glamour shots)

sebastian is a girl, but i just could not resist having belle & sebastian as a pair - if you didn't get the reference.

i'm pleased to discover that sebastian is extreeeeeeemely affectionate-- it was a bit difficult to tell with all of the other cats around. she's very excited to have so much attention. she's only 6.5 months now, and very cute!

i'm less pleased with the fact that belle hates sebastian, but the adoption specialists told me that would be the case for at least a couple of days, because i've brought someone new into HER space. belle has been hissing, even separated by a room and 10 feet from sebastian!

my biggest challenge will be how to feed sebastian, because she just nibbles, while belle scarfs. for now it's not a problem because i'm forced to quarantine sebastian from belle anyway... poor thing!

it feels a bit like a zoo in here...