Monday, June 8, 2009


the dilemma: i got home at 6 and i was too hungry. i had wanted to cook tonight, but since i never got to my afternoon snack (stuck in a 2+ hour long meeting), i didn't really have the patience to prepare anything involved. i really needed something as soon as i walked in the door though, so i pulled out some pita & hummus. i started getting nervous about how much i had eaten (probably 200 or so calories) and contemplated forgoing a real dinner, but then i decided that what i really wanted was the fastest "adequate" (as my nutritionist would say) dinner possible, followed by a quick cleanup and some therapeutic reading in bed in my freshly laundered sheets.

not gourmet, but certainly adequate:

leftover ravioli (not much left), subsidized by a cut-up artichoke-feta chicken sausage, smothered in roasted veggie sauce and topped with parm, frozen broccoli w/ s&p&parm


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