Sunday, June 14, 2009

kitty kitty kitty

my friend was supposed to come over for dinner last night-- i was going to cook for her-- but then she wasn't feeling well, so i ended up cooking anyway. and THEN... just as i began eating, another friend called to say hi, and i asked if she had eaten (it was 7:30 by then) and she hadn't... which would have been perfect except i forgot that she was a vegetarian (oops!) and i had used bacon in the recipe... she came over later to talk and play with the kitty though .

anyway, i made a recipe i've been wanting to try for a while: cheese-gilded linguine with smoky tomatoes. i halved the recipe and used slightly less pasta, but i still have lots of leftovers. i think this was the first time i've cooked bacon, ever! the pasta was supposed to still look cheesy-- i tossed 6-7 oz. pasta with 1/2 c parm BEFORE adding on the sauce mixture (the key to the recipe)-- but the pasta kind of absorbed the cheese. maybe it was because i used spaghetti instead of linguine (i used whole wheat and didn't see whole wheat linguine at the store). oh well, it was still delicious.

served with a salad w/ cherry tomatoes and goddess dressing

and now, enjoying a leisurely yet early breakfast. i didnt sleep all that well last night, although i don't THINK it was the cat/kitten that woke me up. the kitty has been crying a bit when i leave her alone (she really wants to explore the apartment but my cat would eat her) but her cries are so soft that behind a closed door they aren't all that noticeable.

strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon-raisin english muffin, almond butter, pumpkin butter (on one), banana, cottage cheese. the basics!

not sure what i'm up to today. i think i'll go for a run (but perhaps inside?!?!) and i may invite my friend over if she's feeling better. i'm happy that it's sunday and i don't really have to do anything! except play with the kitty, of course!

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