Monday, June 15, 2009

kitty, cont.

man o man kitties are hyper little things. i locked the kitty in the bathroom last night so that my cat could have reign over the bedroom, but the kitty started crying at around 2 or 3. luckily for me her cries are pretty quiet, but i felt so bad about shutting her out. at around 5 i kicked the cat out and let the kitty in, but that was a mistake, because the kitty just went hyperactive on me, jumping everywhere. so i kicked her back to the bathroom! she is going to be some work, but she is so darn cute. hopefully by the time she's 1 she'll be much calmer.

maybe it was from all the waking up, but i was starving when i got up this morning. and i knew just what i wanted... waffles + maple syrup.

with almond butter & banana, blueberries & raspberries

the kitty ate next to nothing yesterday, and threw up her antibiotics (getting over an upper respiratory infection) so i went out to the pet store yesterday to try to find the most enticing cat/kitty food. i got her "solid gold blended tuna"-- a favorite of my cat's but something i won't give to her too often because cats are best on non-fish proteins for the mostpart. and well, this was a huge hit. she finished off most of the 3 oz. can.

yeah, i spoil my kitties!

i'm not sure whether to confine the little monster to my bathroom, where i'm fairly sure she can't get into anything but isn't real happy, or let her into my bedroom as well, where there's a much higher risk of destruction. i may come home early to check on her...


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