Monday, June 1, 2009

this bowl has got it goin' on!

the awesome mix:
  • container chobani plain
  • couple handfuls kashi golean
  • couple handfuls granola
  • the rest of my strawberries
  • couple spoonfuls pomegranate seeds!
  • 2 candied walnuts, broken up
  • drizzle pumpkin butter
  • spoonful almond butter

my run was hard this morning, so this was perfect!

i didn't get enough of my cleaning done yesterday, but i did succeed in setting up a storage system for (some of) my yarn. the contents of the bottom drawer were actually just given to me by a really nice woman who works at the yarn store. still, it's a lot! most of this is leftover from projects though, and not really enough to make an entire sweater or something.

i have an entire cabinet of yarn as well, but that stuff is cheap michael's yarn before the real obsession hit...

mmm that breakfast made me happy. if only i could go take a nap now... happy monday, everyone!

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