Thursday, June 11, 2009

no title for thursday

wow, my run was tough this morning! i'm guessing it was because i drank wine last night and no water... i always forget to drink water. my body image is... crappy?! right now, but i'm assuming/hoping it's b/c my period is on its way. i seriously hate my cycle.

i'm being good though, no skimping. my breakfast was a winner:

ezekiel sprouted english muffin, maranatha crunchy almond butter, banana, cottage cheese, kiwi + apricot

i think i may go to the farmer's market this weekend since i go through so. much. fruit!

i'm feeling "what next?" a lot these days. re: recovery, relationships, work, life... anyone else feel the same way?

since i haven't been taking lunch pics recently...

kalamata-artichoke hummus + sliced cucumber sandwich on oatmeal bread, pb pretzels (since the sandwich is rather wimpy/protein deficient), cherries

and an afternoon snack:

plain chobani, puffins & raisins to mix in

and now i'm late for work.

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  1. Your food is so pretty!
    I`m feeling the `what next` too. But in the sense that it seems like things could be mapped out for me (if I win this competition for MY job) but that is freaking me out. I`m getting the `what if I don`t want what`s next` thoughts... ugh.