Friday, June 5, 2009

splurge dinner!

i stopped to pick up a few grocery essentials at whole foods (cottage cheese!), and realized, just before heading to the checkout, that i was quite hungry. so i spent $12 on a gourmet dinner. i figure it's still cheaper than eating out, and the quality is awesome. plus, i get a free dinner tomorrow (i'm taking out a visitor who flies in from ireland tomorrow, and so, the company pays) so i figure it all evens out. really, i shouldn't feel guilty about $12.

and i was staaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving. i didn't wait to blog... i seriously ate my dinner in 5 minutes. usually i eat moderate to slow-paced, but i just ate voraciously. my spinach-walnut-gorgonzola salad was definitely made with more oil/cheese/walnuts than usual (i've bought this salad many a time before) and well, i didn't care.

spinach-walnut-gorgonzola-red onion salad, salmon with mango salsa (warmed), grilled pineapple salad (so good!)

and i'm contemplating a piece of toast because i feel like starch was missing, and i'm craving it, although i'm pretty satisfied as far as my hunger levels go.


and more mmmm.....

maybe i'm pmsing or something, but i've been crazy starving all day.

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