Sunday, June 14, 2009

a lot of posts today!

i just finished dinner at 6:22! i was hungry and figured there was no point in waiting for a certain "dinnertime." leftovers were even better than yesterday... i think the bacon/tomato had a chance to meld together and bring out the smokiness. super yum!

i put corn (raw/sweet) in my salad and tossed it with honey mustard vinaigrette.

this weekend was sort of bittersweet--

the sweet:
  • KITTY!
  • on track with food
  • had a fun friday night with the group from work
  • enjoyed chatting with my friend last night
  • went for a nice run
the bitter:
  • feel disconnected
  • and sad
  • and lonely
  • and fat (but i'm dealing with this one OK because i know it's my period that is making me feel especially icky right now)
  • really want a FRIEND to hang out with more often/who i feel comfortable talking to
  • my cat hates the kitty (but i'm still hopefully that will change... i'm following all the expert advice to make them friends)
and so i'm both happy and sad to go back to work tomorrow. although eek, i'm scared about leaving the kitty alone for so long!

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