Sunday, May 31, 2009

sunday night blues...

i'm sad that it is sunday night. this weekend started out a bit rough, but my mood improved today, and now i wish i had some more time. i've been feeling lonely... should have called my friend f. to see if she wanted to get together.

i didn't even realize it was 8:30 now... i'm only halfway through dinner. i finally got the motivation to clean my apartment at around 5:30 today (nothing beats procrastination) and by the time i settled down i was quite hungry.

i made an omelet/frittata. eggs still intimidate me, but this turned out awesome. i took pics along the way:

first i sauteed up some chopped onion in a bit of olive oil (for a minute or two), then i added sliced shitake mushrooms (fancy!) and the rest of my asparagus from last week (tops of maybe 7-8 stalks?). the mixture seemed a bit dry so i put in a few T of water to sizzle things up. everything cooked nicely:

next i took the veggies out of the pan, and added in a mix of 3 eggs, 1/4c milk, s & p... when the bottom was mostly cooked i added the veggies on top, and topped with a slice of cheddar, crumbled:

... put the pan under the broiler, just for about a minute...

voila! this cooks really quickly because, well, it was half cooked before going into the oven, but also because it's much thinner than a frittata would be.

i folded the fromelette over and attempted to make triangle slices, but i pretty much failed on that. however, the taste was right on!

served w/ buttered toast

cleanup, laundry, and sigh, another weekend is over.

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  1. Eggs-actly what you needed for dinner!
    (Gads. I just wrote something my dad would think is funny.)

    Have a great week!