Tuesday, May 26, 2009

30seconds. . .

. . . is about how long i have to write this post. i have an appointment with my nutritionist and then i have back to back to back to back to back to back meetings at work. BOO! and one of those meetings was just requested by our president/c.o.o. way to begin the week...

my food is pretty today, so i have just enough time to show it off!

bfast: boring (or at least repetitive) but delish. i threw in some plain greek yogurt for variety.

ezekiel sprouted english muffin, almond butter, banana, chobani plain greek yogurt, blackberries+blueberries+strawberries, yada yada yada

i think my camera lens is dirty... the pics just aren't as crisp as they used to be

and for lunch. . . tempeh+avocado sandwich with sweet ginger chili sauce (becoming addicted to the stuff-- it's great on everything) on my mom's fab bread. + red bell pepper and carrots:

my lunch looks slightly smaller than usual (damn just realized i could have packed leftover cold sweet potato!) so i brought a sweet snack:

cherries (pitted! lunch prep takes a while sometimes!) + puffins

ok GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think today is going to be as fast-paced as this post!

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  1. i know that took longer than 30 seconds :)

    tempeh/avo combo looks delish.