Wednesday, May 27, 2009

snooze tempatations

the snooze button was realllllllly tempting this morning, but i decided that if i didn't get up and get in some exercise i'd regret it come after work while heading to my evening crochet class to sit on my butt yet some more. and i gotta admit, this run was HARD! just my usual approx. 3-mile run, but i think i may not have been fully hydrated (i woke up thirsty last night) and i've stupidly not been getting enough sleep. i was quite happy to return to the apartment for a shower/breakfast, but i'm definitely still glad i went out.

i couldn't decide on what i wanted for breakfast though. i finally ended up picking cereal, which i usually don't pick because: a) i eat it too fast and suddenly breakfast is gone, and b) all the liquid-- since i require a large cup of coffee with breakfast-- sometimes makes me feel overly full. i do feel quite full now that i've finished, but that will go away fairly quickly, and it was a nice change. i have a lot of cereal in my pantry, so i should probably eat it more often... but it doesn't really seem to go stale in the airtight containers i use.

i was only able to decide on cereal once i smeared some almond butter on 1/2 of a banana...

mix pb puffins, heritage flakes, and ezekiel cereal + vanilla soymilk + frozen cherries, aforementioned banana + almond butter, peach

i haven't packed lunch yet, and i think i'm too lazy to snap any more pictures (i don't know how true full time bloggers do it! or well, i guess i do since i snapped practically every mouthful for a while, but it gets tiring!).

on another note, what does everyone think of this sweater (as a possible future project)? i know my sister is going to say EW, BOW! but i kind of like it...


  1. I like the sweater but I don`t know about the bow either. It`s pretty cute. I just don`t know if I think the bow is a bit too big. I think I`d rather like a cowlneck? I can`t believe you can make that.. I wish I knew how! It`s really an amazing thing to be able to do

  2. I like the sweater! The bow... yeah, like Susie said, it's kinda big. But I'm not the one who'll be wearing it - as long as you like it, that's all that matters. :)