Monday, May 25, 2009

salmon, it's whats for dinner

i had a late lunch out with my sister (neomonde... mmm tabouli-hummus-ganouj-stuffed pita, a stuffed grapeleaf, and a delicious piece of fresh walnut baklava split between the 2 of us) and so i wanted something super simple for dinner. i knew i had a sweet potato at home, so i stopped off @ whole foods on my way home and splurged on a beautiful piece of salmon and some asparagus. i poached the salmon in water+wine vinegar+sliced lemon+thyme and topped it with a small amount of sweet ginger chili sauce, and broiled the asparagus for about 8 min, tossed w/ 1.5 tsp olive oil, salt, pepper. 10 min prep time, and no cleanup!

simple, and satisfying:

this was 4 oz. salmon, and i have 2 oz. left, which i'm currently pondering how i can stretch into some sort of salmon salad for lunch tomorrow...

i'm feeling much better today. i really have to remember that feeding myself well and treating myself gently helps in a lot of ways. . . . .

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