Saturday, May 2, 2009


i'm getting picked up @ 7. it's only 5:45 now, so i have some time before i need to eat (going to a 7:30 movie so i won't have a chance to eat for a while), but i'm just sort of anxious and not feeling like i'm going to get hungry in the next 75 min. i was ravenous come 1 p.m. while still out on errands (i did end up going for a run this a.m.), and so i stopped at whole foods, where i sat outside chowing down on a tarragon-chicken salad wrap and some 1/2 sweetened iced tea. plus a couple bite sized samples of their dessert bars (couldn't resist!).

i can't still be full from lunch, since that was almost 5 hours ago, but i really don't have an appetite. sooooo... i'm not sure what i will have (nothing isn't really an option). maybe just some pita + hummus to tie me over. i can't let myself get too hungry, as that puts me at a huge risk for later, but it's so hard to force myself to eat when i'm not hungry.


  1. I'm reading this late and you are probably already gone. I was wondering if it is possible you are considering what will be suggested to eat after the movie which is making you want to hold off on eating now even though it is likely you need food? you know yourself and you know that letting yourself get too hungry backfires in the end. I'm the same way. I hoep you have a nice night. What movie are you going to see?

  2. i can totally relate to this!! whenever i am going out and i'm not hungry i get anxiety about being hungry while i'm out and getting even more hungry by the time i get back which could set me up for a night gone to hell. it's so weird how before i would trive off knowing that i wouldn't be eating for a while and would get anxiety thinking about eating, but now i get anxiety if i get too hungry and freak out that i will slip out of recovery for that night... so weird how when we start to take care of ourselves old habits freak us out because they start to not be so "familiar" anymore. hope your night went well and hope you didn't have too much anxiety pre-going out!