Wednesday, May 27, 2009


my crochet class ended tonight @ 8:30... and it was then that 3 of the students decided it was time to shop. suddenly i had to clean up, wind 4 balls of yarn, look up prices, calculate sales tax... and no one asked if it was OK to stay. i really should have said "i don't deal with the sales (which is true), you'll have to come back another day... someone would be happy to help and to wind your yarn." but nope, i ran around for 20 minutes trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, and keeping my irritation to myself.

what's the big deal about 20 minutes? well normally it would be nothing, but it was 8:50 p.m., and i was tired, and i hadn't had dinner (i had a 12 oz. decaf latte just before the class, but i really wasn't hungry for a meal then).

i wasn't even sure if i was hungry when i got home but i knew i had to eat something, and i actually wanted something a bit less "dinnerlike" than most days... so i threw this together in 2 min:

newly opened package of pastrami (haven't had in a looong time) + spanish aged mahon cheese + mustard on a rudi's bun, cottage cheese + blueberries

this actually hit the spot... not too heavy, quick, and satisfying.

i think i have a new favorite cottage cheese - friendship 4% california style. i recently discovered the joy of full fat cottage cheese. it's really not all that unhealthy, and i have no reason to go for the lower fat if i enjoy this stuff more. take that, stupid disorder!

and now it is practically bedtime. at least it should be. but whenever i am on the go from 6 a.m. until late i feel like the day has been stolen from me, and i want some time to myself...


  1. Ooh, never heard of mahon cheese ... is it like manchego?

  2. yeah it's similar... it is kind of cheddary but harder in texture. very yummy!