Monday, May 25, 2009

alright, still

ok, so there was a stupid setback last night, but have no fear, i'm back and i'm thriving. every once in a while slips are a GOOD thing for me, because when they don't "work" in the sense of providing any sort of satisfaction, and they don't hold any power over me (as in, i don't want to continue that sh**), then they act as a sort of motivator for recovery. i'm feeling oddly confident and motivated this morning, and i'm not sure i would be that way if i had not tested the waters last night and found out, once again, what i'm not missing out on.

i went out this morning to feed my friend's cat (i'm catsitting) and on my way back decided i wanted a fresh and chewy bagel for breakfast. so i stopped off at panera (open on memorial day!) and got breakfast to go...

cinnamon crunch, the best bagel ever:

with coffee (i figured i'd buy it to be super lazy - plus i was quite hungry and didn't feel like waiting for my coffee to brew), cream cheese, and strawberries/cherries (from home!).

i'm not sure what i'm up to today... i think i'll run and crochet and possibly clean...


  1. mmmmm that looks delish!

    The last book I read was saying that exact thing. It was saying that even though you might try the behaviour you are trying to stop doing at points in your recovery, the result is different. You are no longer getting the same result and it`s necessary to see that so you know - just like you said - that you aren`t missing anything!! good for you!

  2. Way to stay positive. As my doc always says, "it's a process. There are ups and downs."