Sunday, May 31, 2009

you know you gotta run the dishwasher when. . .

... you use chopsticks for your fruit! although, this was kind of fun (and my chopsticks are adorable)!

these are small bagels (2oz./150cal) so i toasted up 3 halves. i like that they are small though, because i can have a whole bagel even if i don't want something big.

rudi's cinnamon-raisin bagel(s), cream cheese, 1 w/ pumpkin butter, 1 w/ strawberry jam (i used to eat cream cheese and jam on bagels alllllll the time growing up), cherries (making my way through the huge bag), strawberries

i'm attempting to make today productive. i'm off to target to find some sort of storage solution for my never-ending supply of yarn...

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