Friday, May 22, 2009

yes, it's been WAY too long!

i had just taken the first bite out of my breakfast this morning when marilyn commented:

It's officially been way too long. POST SOMETHING!!

so i present to you, today's partially eaten breakfast:

flax waffles, raw almond butter, banana, pumpkin butter, mango

i don't know how i feel about blogging, which is why i drifted away. it has almost become too public at this point... not with those of you who have found my blog and can relate to the things i go through (you are why i want to continue)... but with those who i know personally who don't quite GET it (and i really hope not to offend anyone reading this). i want to be honest, and yet, there is a part of me that would rather censor/protect myself from those who i don't think can truly understand or read this without judging. and i'm not going to censor on a blog that i created for the sole purpose of opening up and being real. so that puts me in a doozie...

i'm stuck in a place now where i see my progress but am also frustrated with wanting to be further along. there have been some tough days, and lots and lots of pondering and fighting this stupid disease. but right now i'm trying hard not to JUDGE myself, because it's just another way to ignore the real stuff.

alright, a few pics...

@ the wedding, besides the beautiful bride in her traditional korean gown:

i decided to wear the dress i made! i'm glad i did, too .

a lot of work went into this... check out the bracelet my sister bought for me-- a perfect match!

and a few food pics... these are the only ones on my camera!

korean sushi (kimbap) + some type of seaweed salad (anyone know?)-- there's a korean grocery near my house and i was inspired to go there after the wedding. i korean food.

and of course, oat bran has been consumed (this was from yesterday... see, i thought about posting!).

stovetop oat bran w/ whipped banana and soymilk, topped w/ a medjool date and 1/2 of a peanut butter cookie larabar

so... i give you no promises for future posts. i'll just have to see how things go...

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  1. I have been awaiting a post! I had told a few close people about my site but I took such a long break I think/hope they forgot about it. I assume they did. I want to be real as well and there are only a few people I could be that real with. I agree that you do not want to have to censor yourself... you could change the privacy settings on your blog maybe?

    Love the dress! You've got some serious talent!