Sunday, May 3, 2009

muffiny goodness

i solved yesterday's dilemma by having a chobani + granola before going to the movie, and a cliff bar + milk afterwards. not quite a balanced dinner, but it met my needs. i wasn't sure if i was actually hungry when i got back, but i had a feeling that i might wake up in the middle of the night if i didn't have something, as that has happened before.

this morning i started to pull a blueberry oat bran muffin out of the freezer, when i decided i wanted a millet muffin. these are a family favorite, recipe from the famous philadelphia metropolitan bakery. the only thing wrong with these muffins is the name, as most people would think ew, millet. so i shall rename them: brown sugar butter crunch muffins. now do you want one?

i baked them to perfection... crunchy top, with just the slightest goo underneath, bottoms moist & cakey. i hate when i overbake muffins, so i kept checking these every couple of minutes at the end.

served with strawberries, blackberries (container for $0.98! bought yesterday), and cottage cheese:

the inside:

1/2way through breakfast, this jar found its way to my placemat...

i'm not sure what i'm up to today... i can't run (1 more run left until wednesday, oops) so i may go for a walk, or maybe i'll even head up to umstead (state park). i should do some laundry but my apartment isn't too bad of a mess, so i'm going to need some project to do to keep me entertained. i think i may squeeze in a nap, too, since 12:30a - 7a isn't the most ideal amount of sleep...


  1. The muffins look yummy, and yes I want one ;)

  2. Damn, $.98 for blackberries?! I just got ripped off at Whole Foods at 2 for $5. Bummer....

    Muffins look great and I love the new name. I do the same thing, instead of saying something is vegan I just call it "without saturated fat".