Saturday, May 9, 2009

blogging from "home"

it's not really home anymore, but it's not just "the rents' house", either.

i survived the 10 course rehearsal dinner last night, actually it wasn't all that hard... i just had tiny portions of a few things and stopped at course 6 or so.

i got a haircut after my 7 hour drive yesterday so that i wouldn't look frumpy for the dinner. i snapped one pic, but not with the bride, although i'll make sure to get one today at the wedding.

i wasn't planning on snapping food pics while here, but

a) my mom had homemade sourdough waffles in the freezer and lots of fresh pretty fruit
b) my mom is in the shower right now and cannot see me blogging (due to her own annoying eating issues, i can't share this blog with her)

i think my camera lens needs cleaning...

bye for now!


  1. sourdough waffles? WOW! can I live in your mom's kitchen?
    and great job being able to listen to your body's fullness and stopping!

  2. Those waffles sound amazing!

  3. are you coming back soon?? How was the wedding?

  4. It's officially been way too long. POST SOMETHING!!