Friday, May 29, 2009

sleepy, full, anxious, guilty

i feel like i kept eating tonight. i'm trying to remind myself that eating slightly more for a day is fiiiiine, but that's easier to say than to believe. i had a delicious mocha for latte day, at around 3, but by 7 i was ready for dinner. i popped a tempeh-potato-veggie-stuffed red bell pepper in the oven (made a while back), surrounded by roasted veggie tomato sauce.

i ate half of the enormous pepper, covered in parmesan:

stuffing made w/ peas, carrots, corn, tempeh, onions, tamari, veg broth, potatoes, sage, and seasonings...

after dinner i wanted something sweet, so i had an orange and a piece of 70% dark chocolate...

and then at 10, while watching tv, i wanted something salty... so i had some mini pretzels... probably a serving or slightly more (i got tired of taking pics).

actually, looking at this now, it seems more normal than before i started writing this post. i'm not going to get worked up over 150 or so calories of pretzels........

i'm making good progress on my sweater (not the one shown in last night's blog-- that one is in queue!). only around 2000 more stitches until i can sew the thing together and start on the lacy bottom/cuffs. i think the lace should go much quicker... we shall see. the sweater i'm working on now is the one here:

i'm slightly obsessed with sweater making right now!

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  1. How cute is that sweater! I think I need to learn how to crochet beyond the chain stitch.