Sunday, April 19, 2009

another weekend, pouf!

i was feeling a bit blah mid-afternoon, but i turned that around by having tea and cookies, and then catching up on cleaning and laundry. cleaning can actually be quite therapeutic.

my tea was special tea because it was made from this!

korean honey citron tea

two of my good friends are korean, and one of them introduced me to this yummy tea. it comes in a marmalade-consistency, and is just mixed with hot water. it is very soothing. i found it yesterday at the korean grocery store i happened to stumble upon.

served with 2 ginger-o cookies!

after tea, i vacuumed, did 2 loads of laundry, windexed, and generally picked up the apartment. this made me feel so much better...

all the cleaning worked up an appetite, so i got started on dinner: celery root & sweet potato soup with ginger. while cooking, i called my sister, and it turned out she and her husband were on their way back from a weekend trip, and were close by. so i invited them over for soup!

the soup was simple and delcious. celery root is really good, and really underappreciated in this country.

topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and black pepper, and whole wheat naan brushed with olive oil

thanks s & j for coming over!

afterwards, i wanted MILK. my throat is still just sliiightly sore, and i really have no idea why. i had a small cup of vanilla soymilk and a piece of cinnamon-chili dark chocolate (the red fire bar). it's hideously expensive chocolate, but really, it's $.80 per serving, and since i don't eat it every day, i figure it's worth splurging on every once in a while.

i wish it wasn't already quarter to 10 on sunday night .

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