Tuesday, April 14, 2009

decisions, decisions

mmmmmy bed was hard to get out of this morning. i stayed up too late last night (started a new crochet project. . .) and now i'm sleepy. i'm debating taking half or a whole day today, as i had been considering it for wednesday, but the ceo has called a meeting for wednesday am, so i should probably not ditch that. i feel icky, and i have cramps, and i have plenty of hours to use to take off from work, so i'm thinking it would be nice to escape the office.

breakfast is lovely array of foods:

vanilla yogurt/muesli soak, 1/2 ezekiel english muffin with almond butter, banana, and raisins, and cooked! mango with honey

i pulled the mango out of my fridge with expectations of its sweet, soft, and juicy flesh, but i knew as soon as i touched it that it was not ripe. i was obviously not paying attention when i stuck it in the fridge last week... and now that i think about it i remember as i was buying it picking one not quite ripe so that i would have more time before i had to eat it... and i definitely intended on putting it in my fruit bowl vs. the fridge...

i tried cutting it but it was more crunchy than soft. i was about to give up when i decided hmmmm i wonder what would happen if i put it in the microwave. so i zapped it for a minute. it was mostly soft, but not quite soft enough. then i added on a T or so of honey and put it back in the microwave for another 45 seconds. this time, it was SOFT! and quite tasty!

i haven't packed lunch yet, so i'll have to figure out this whole go to work vs. stay at home thing. i see my nutritionist at 9 today (so glad, so glad), so i have some time to think about it, although normally i'd be connecting to my work computer before the appointment to get started on a few things...

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  1. wow I never thought about microwaving a mango...do you think this could work with pears too??? I feel like those things take forever to ripen.