Monday, April 20, 2009

quick monday dinner

i love when dinner just comes together. i went to whole foods from work to get more fruit & veggies, and while there decided that i didn't want to really cook anything.

i asked for a single serving of whole foods' spinach, walnut, and gorgonzola salad from the prepared foods counter ($1.52), and then headed towards the fish counter, where i asked the guy what his favorite pre-seasoned fish was (i've never bought anything but plain fish!). he said he really liked the parmesan tilapia, so i bought a piece ($2).

when i got home i realized the fish + salad would be quite puny alone... and suddenly i spied the beautifully ripe plantain sitting on my counter...

i started the plantains first, in a bit of olive oil + sea salt sprinkled on top, and when they were halfway done (i felt like a chef for my precise timing), i flipped & moved them to the side of the pan, added a tsp or so of butter (the fish guy said butter + olive oil would be nice, and i agreed!), and added in the tilapia. the tilapia took no more than 2 min per side.

i ought to do more dinners like this... so quick and satisfying.



  1. are the plaintain good on their own or did you dip them in something? I've been dying to try this out!

  2. DUDE! I had a dream the other night that I bought a plantain! This is a sign. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, and will come home with a plantain!!

  3. yay plantains!

    susie... i eat em plain. make sure they are ripe (at LEAST banana yellow but i like them darker). i cut them in hmmm 1/2" slices i'd guess, put a T or so of olive oil in the pan, put in slices, put sea salt on top, flip them when the yellow has risen halfway up (approx 3 min), salt the other side, and finish cooking for another 2-3 min. so good like that... i've had them fried or smashed in restaurants and i think this (healthier) way is just so much better.

  4. I think whoever is selling them is doing a marketing push because they are turning up everywhere I find. I diddnt even know what they were a year or two ago. I will definitely be trying this! tnx