Saturday, April 11, 2009


sorry for the crappy picture quality... but i wanted to show y'all today's great find: a PURPLE slip! actually it's lingerie from VS, but it fits perfectly and is just the right length to wear under my dress. AND... now i can wear cute tan sandals (i was thinking i would have to do black if i did a black slip).

i'm a bit self-conscious in this dress, but i'm trying not to be... as i think it really does fit well. and i figure i need to wear it to at least one fancy occasion given the amount of work i put into it.

in food news, i went out to panzanella with my sister and her husband for dinner tonight. dinner was a breeze-- a yummy scallop & squash risotto dish, which i FINISHED (the restaurant is fairly chic and has very reasonable portions), along with bread and a glass of red wine. i felt really good that i could go out and enjoy myself and NOT WORRY ABOUT THE MEAL! afterwards, we walked a few doors down to an ice cream shop, where we each got cones... their "single" scoop was serious! i enjoyed my cone (i chose cinnamon) but i'm feeling a bit guilty right now. i have tentative plans to get together with a friend for dinner tomorrow, and i'm already contemplating a run tomorrow a.m., which i probably should not do (i can still run without breaking the budget, but then i'll have to wait until wednesday).

for now, time to sack out on the couch and watch tv.


  1. I can not believe you MADE that dress! It's so cute. I love it. I hope that you have a wonderful evening. It sounds like you did really well tonight!

  2. wow what talent. That dress looks great I love the purple underneath. keep up the great work. I have just started following your blog and you are a great inspiration.

  3. damn i agree that dress is fine!
    and so are you