Wednesday, April 29, 2009


mmmmmmaple syrup. there is (almost) nothing better. this morning's fab breakfast:

flax waffle #1 with almond butter+banana, flax waffle #2 with almond butter+apple butter+candied walnuts, both drizzled w/ maple syrup, and an orange. plus a calcium pill (especially good this morning - no dairy! - i'm getting better at remembering to take it!)


for lunch i cut up the remaining defrosted chicken this morning and made a very quick chicken salad by adding a spoonful each of light mayo & plain greek yogurt, dried cranberries, pecans, s&p.

chicken salad to eat in toasted whole wheat pita + baby carrots + more beautiful local strawberries

once again i may or may not need my afternoon snack left @ work (strawb chobani, h2h). i've been really trying to listen to my hunger to decide if i need something or not. if i know i'm having a late dinner i will make it a point to have a snack (there are limits to the listening-to-the-hunger plan-- if i've had a normal-sized meal then i really don't want to wait more than 5 hours before eating again, and so i will have a snack if the next meal is not for a while) but it's OK to have a snack on some days and not on others, or extra snacks if i find myself extra hungry (as confirmed by c., the expert nutritionist!). tonight i'm meeting up with a friend after work for wed night "ladies special" - a $5 drink + meal-sized appetizer (hey, it's sexist, but i'll take advantage of it!), and so we will probably go from work and have a slightly early dinner.

happy humpday!

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  1. yay! i love the 'confirmed by c.' i endorse anything that she says :)