Tuesday, April 14, 2009

late dinner

i'm only finishing up dinner now, at 9 p.m. why? because i was busy UNDOING much of the crochet work i had done yesterday, as i found a mistake. crocheting is usually very relaxing, but this was stressful. ha!

i was starving by the time i put down my work, and needed a pre-dinner snack, stat:

carrots, pita chips, tzatziki

i threw leftover roasted veggie pizza in the oven. this was from brixx a couple of weeks ago. the crust is very thin, otherwise i couldn't have eaten this much!

early bed tonight.


  1. you crochet to relax? If I ever were to start something like that it'll be because I have a death wish to die from stress. I go crazy and impatient over those nit-pickety stuff! I just have such clumsy hands and a bad temper to boot! haha!

  2. ha yes, usually it's to relax. but i bet you could learn so that you wouldn't be stressed... i had a student in one of my beginner classes whose hands pretty much shook. but by the second class she was catching on and calmed down. and then she took a "advanced beginner" class and was my star pupil!