Monday, April 20, 2009

it's raining, it's pouring...

i'm enjoying breakfast with the comforting sound of rain... it is that perfect time of year where the temperature is comfortable both in and out, so i've been keeping my balcony door open.

my cat is enjoying the rain too:

i guess i was in a silly mood while preparing breakfast...

maple-cinn waffles with almond butter, banana, strawberries, 2 dried cherries (for the noses!), and maple syrup drizzled over top

he says hi, don't eat me

i decided to pack a veggie lunch:

bell pepper sandwich with two hummuses (end of roasted garlic, cilantro-jalapeno)


more bell pepper + baby carrots, and tzatziki

a yogurt for an afternoon snack...

plus potentially leftover cinnamon/chocolate bunnies (left at work) that i didn't get to the other day.

on a quite random note, my FIRST CRUSH (we're talking 3rd grade here) just asked to be my friend on facebook. i haven't seen him since middle school (i'm not sure if he even went to my high school... i think he did but probably ended up in the pothead crowd). i must say, for a third grader, i had pretty good taste!

although it is evident from his pictures that he is still quite the partyer/pothead. sorry john, i am SO over you!


  1. so my type! ahahah minus the pothead.

    enjoy the day!

  2. lol. he's cute, though! your breakfast looks awesome and happy - love it. :)