Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy endorphins

i had a great run this morning. it was 55° out, so i just went out in a tshirt and shorts. i have so much more energy for my runs than i used to... yay for food!

i tried 1/2 of a apple ginger honest bar this morning before my run, and it was quite yummy. i can't wait to try all of the other flavors! once again, thank you honest foods!

i'm happy with the presentation of my breakfast!

2 flax waffles, 1 with a smidgen of maranatha's almond butter (jar = empty!), pumpkin butter, and pumpkin seeds, and the other with 365 chunky almond butter (newly opened!) + banana, and a tangelo

i think part of the appeal in this blog is making the pictures aesthetically pleasing, when possible. for some reason, breakfasts lend well to this:

perhaps not so much for my packed lunch though:

leftover apricot-almond-goat cheese chicken, to stuff in a toasted whole wheat pita with pesto. and bell pepper + tomatoes. i'm excited to try the chicken cold... can't go wrong with goat cheese at any temperature!

i packed a kid-friendly (and whole foods supported) afternoon snack:

unsweetened applesauce cup, newman's own "hi-protein" pretzels, string cheese

i'm not quite sure why, but i'm having a really good day already . it's supposed to be rainy, but i don't care!

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