Thursday, April 23, 2009

PHEW whataday

phew, today was cuh-razy at work. a genius employee over in our UK office somehow managed to save over a report i had created for her... she emails me to let me know that all of a sudden all the tabs are blank and the reports are gone! hmmm, wonder how THAT happened... anyway, this was the start of what seemed like a comedy of errors. i didn't end up eating lunch until quarter to 2, finishing up at around 2:30. and even then, i only ate because of the time... the stress/fast pace of the day just totally killed my appetite. i didn't get to my afternoon snack, and as i got into my car i was finally hungry, for the first time today.

i decided i needed a beer.

so i stopped off at whole foods, because they sell interesting beers by the bottle, and while there i looked for some type of protein that would be more interesting than the can of beans i had at home, to put on the composed salad i was planning to make. i thought their seasoned tempeh would be good, but they didn't have any, so i bought some moroccan turkey.

while prepping, i cracked open my beer of choice:

mmm belgian ale

i made a rockin' salad: herbed greens, cut-up lemon-honey apple that i had packed for my afternoon snack, kernels cut off of an ear of corn, 3 yr-aged gouda (best cheese ever), handful caramelized walnuts, and the moroccan turkey. the marinade on the turkey + the juice on the honey-lemon apples was enough to dress the greens, and this turned out awesome.

my bowl was overflowing:

wow, i'm definitely feeling the beer, and i still have a few ounces left . hmmm this beer is 7% alcohol, which is a bit higher, so that could have something to do with it. haha i don't even feel like cleaning up the kitchen... so i think i'll go watch some tv instead!

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