Monday, April 13, 2009

pink is the new orange

refer to this picture or this picture if you want to know what i had for dinner. i figure leftovers for a third time do not deserve a new set of photos.

i did have two desserts though . first i had this lovely "pink is the new orange" orange (as labeled on the sticker-- it's a "cara cara" orange).

it was yummy, but afterwards i just felt like having something... more. i don't really think it was hunger. i had this:

maple-cinn waffle with a tsp or so white chocolate wonderful

i'm feeding myself (no pun intended) some wise-mind thoughts right now, as i suddenly feel guilty for having eaten without really even observing my hunger. i know, so what, it was a frozen waffle and a bit of pb... but i just can't get rid of the fear that all these little extras will add up. do most "normal" people have a snack after dinner?


  1. I worry's really a seemingly impossible situation for me. I like to think that if I eat the right amount of food at dinner, then I'll feel slight hunger before I go to bed. But then I fight myself with whether I should eat again or not. If I do I feel guilty. If I don't get hungry before bed, then I worry that I ate too much at dinner! Post-dinner time is stressful! I'd say you're fine though. The little things only add up when they're not actually little things. I used to eat a HUGE bowl of yogurt and granola before bed. I needed a snack, but not one that large. I'm trying to find some happy medium here. good luck!

  2. I've been reading that normal eaters do eat sometimes for reasons that have nothing to do with physical hunger and it makes no difference. It is said to help them not feel deprived. I can not confirm this with my own experience since I'm far from a normal eater.. sigh.. but I'll get there. Enjoy the rest of your evening. You are giving your body exactly what it needs.

  3. yes clare, i have ALL those thoughts at times =). it's almost impossible to feel "just right" huh!

  4. i say = ask c :) she will provide the best advice for you.

    i always have something desserty after dinner. sometimes something small (square of chocolate) other times more -- and yes it is more for the pleasure of it than hunger. but nothing catastrophic from this has happened yet in my 28 year lifetime so i have no intention of stopping :)