Wednesday, April 1, 2009


i'm feeling very free right now. i went out with a friend from work tonight, to a place that had a wednesday night special ($5 for a cosmo AND an appetizer). we sat outside, and it was beautiful. i got a pear cosmo and... after looking at the appetizer menu, decided on fried cheese ravioli w/ marinara dipping sauce. it was perfectly delicious (i polished off the plate!), and i didn't feel guilty! i know that i eat really healthy most of the time, and so this was actually a fun change. my friend and i ordered a second round of drinks, because we were chatting away, but i only made it mayyybe 1/2way through the glass before i decided i'd had enough.

oh and, instead of the applesauce/stringcheese/pretzels i had packed for an afternoon snack, i had 3 thin mints (from my girl scout cookie drawer stash).


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