Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new review:

cran lemon zest honest foods bar

(half of bar in picture)

i actually wasn't expecting so much from this one, only because the flavor sounded like it could go either way for me. but wow, was i wrong! this tasted like a fancy lemon square with a twist of cranberry. i had half of the bar before a run this morning. i will be buying these when i run out (which will be a while yet). puny as it may seem, i've found that i don't need much to carry me through a morning run, since i shower/make breakfast within a half hour of arriving home.

and my run was great. i was thrilled to feel a slight chill in the air as i ran-- it was 55° when i left.

today's breakfast made me appreciate both eating breakfast in the first place (it still feels NEW to me at times) and treating it like a real meal, as so many americans do not. the ED in me is sometimes intimidated when i see coworkers grab a granola bar or munch on some kix while saying "no time for breakfast," because i immediately compare the meager snack to my smorgasbord, but i know realistically those people are simply snacking later. i, however, respect breakfast .

today's plate:

ezekiel cinn-raisin english muffin, 1/2 with almond butter + banana, 1/2 with strawberry jam, remaining 1/2 of apple from yesterday's chicken salad, kiwi, side of cottage cheese

coffee in my pretty WPO cup (where i work, if you missed that one):

lovely lovely kiwi

last night's leftovers for lunch. i have class from 6:30-8:30 tonight so i'm thinking i may swap dinner for lunch and buy a bagel or something before class starts. i have yogurt/h2h left in the fridge @ work if i need a snack this afternoon, but i'm somehow doubting i'll want it. never know, though.

and that's all... got to pack up my crochet supplies!

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  1. I always think people who skip breakfast are nuts! (With the exception of those who suffer from ED, because I certainly skipped it for quite some time.) Nowadays I'm always hungry when I wake up and I'm ready for something wholesome and yummy. Keeping pushing away those thoughts...because we know breakfast is wonderful! It makes my day