Thursday, April 23, 2009

running super late, no title!

i made it through yet another rough night. after dinner, i cleaned up my kitchen, set up my coffee pot for the morning, scooped the litterbox, and put away laundry. it was the perfect productive distraction. again, i wonder when it will all get EASY, but i suppose i must be patient.

i was excited to whip out my gloves and headband this morning for my run... i thought those days were long over. but no, told me it was 45° out at 6:30 this morning (i check this before every run!), and so i got to pretend that spring had not yet sprung. don't get me wrong, i spring, but what i don't are the 100° summer days raleigh is known for... so i'd prefer to push that off for as long as possible.

i wasn't hungry at all before my run, but remembering one stupid run when i hadn't eaten beforehand and ended up feeling the consequences midway through, i forced myself to eat a snack... this was a piece of a whole foods' granola bar left from about a month ago that i did not realize i still had left. it was softer than when i bought it (perhaps from the oils in the nuts?), but definitely still good.

my run was hard! i started having minor pains/cramps under my right ribcage halfway through, but it wasn't all that bad so i kept going. luckily, it subsided by the end of the run. as always though, i felt really good once i got back to my apartment... the endorphins really do wonders.

i'm not sure why, but i wasn't all that hungry for breakfast either. and this breakfast is lacking in color (because i chose a full banana over my usual 1/2 banana + other colorful fruit). full of dairy/starch/protein/fruit/healthy fats though!

maple-cinn-oatbran waffle with almond butter + banana, flax waffle with a smidgen each pecan butter (almost gone must make more!), pumpkin butter + banana, 1/2 c cottage cheese with remaining half of banana and a sprinkle of mainly maine granola

mmmmm i like this granola as a topping, vs. zōe's granola as a mix-in (clear distinction!). this granola is denser, crunchier, and broken up into small pieces, vs. the zōe's granola, which has big cookie-like crunch clusters.

eek, i'm running late this morning. so i will wrap up quickly. my lunch, all packed:

2 slices oatmeal bread + a dr. praeger's veggie burger + emmentaler + ketchup to make a toasty/melty veggie burger sammie, and leftover brussel sprouts

oops, almost forgot the sunflower seeds:

and for an afternoon snack...

fuji apple with lemon and honey, plus those bunny grahams still left at work because i keep passing them up for superior goodies like homemade baklava and chocolate oatmeal cookies...


  1. how do you make a toasty/melty at work? do they have like a mini-kitchen?

  2. yup our office has toasters, microwaves, and a toaster oven (which i use to make my melts).