Saturday, April 4, 2009

east meets west = awesome

i had a fabulous run outside. i think the sun = therapy. i started getting hungry at around 11:30. i had some leftover polenta in my fridge from tuesday night, and decided that it would be OK today but not after that. so i sliced and seared it, along with 2 morningstar farms teriyaki veggie cakes. i don't like a lot of morningstar farms' products (not a fan of their veggie burgers-- i think they taste rather bland and oily), but i like these, and usually eat them in pita w/ hoisin. the cakes seared up nicely as well, and so in 5 minutes i had an open-faced polenta-terriyaki-cake-sandwich. the whole foods 365 hoisin is different from most hoisins-- it isn't all that sweet (first ingredient is soy sauce rather than sugar) and adds a really nice flavor.

plus some baby carrots, drizzled with more hoisin



  1. Hi! I'm reading your blog for the first time, and I just wanted to say I think you're doing great! I'm also recovering, and it's nice to read about those who are going through the same things. keep it up =)

    -Clare @ Clare's Two Steps Forward

  2. I remember just how slow that process dinner I had to force down a handful of shredded wheat just so I could say I had some carbs that day. I was so scared of carbs. But now I'm grateful my meals don't consist of 90% spinach anymore. It's a great feeling. good luck =)