Thursday, April 2, 2009


i thought i was hungry for breakfast this morning... but after a couple bites i discovered that i wasn't. i didn't want to give myself the choice to leave it uneaten, so i finished it. i get the feeling that today may be a bit tougher than most. but i'll get through it. my body image sucks this morning.

i had oat bran this morning... in muffin form!

homemade blueberry oat bran muffin pulled from freezer, nuked & toasted, with pumpkin butter on half and almond butter on half, cottage cheese, and a large pear

a.b. laid on thick due to the smaller surface area

beautiful color

i packed almost the exact same lunch for today as yesterday-- i'm off to my sister's for dinner so i wanted to use up the leftover chicken.

whole wheat pita... to toast and stuff with... breaded apricot-almond-goat cheese chicken w/ pesto, tomatoes/carrot sticks on the side

yesterday's uneaten p.m. snack is still at work-- applesauce/cheese stick/pretzels. it is a coworker's bday today, and, as the guy is into candy, our boss is making "dirt"-- some sort of pudding or cake mix + gummy worms. honestly, this is NOT appealing to me, and i think i'll stick to my own snack. and if that's what i do, i'm going to try hard not to worry about what my boss (who knows about my disorder) might think, or anyone else for that matter. i know that i happily gobbled up a slice of my friend's homemade chocolate cake a couple weeks ago, and that i chose fried food last night... and so I KNOW that choosing to pass up a treat is not because of my disorder.


  1. I love all your photos! Being aware of how we are feeling is so important. You`ve been amazing with that. I hope you have a fantastic day today.

  2. thanks! your support means a lot! =)