Sunday, April 26, 2009

sunday sunday

last night was interesting. after a lovely evening out w/ my friend f., i was actually itching to get home... i just wasn't in a people mood. my friend and i went to tropical smoothie cafe for a casual dinner, and i was pleasantly surprised with the freshness of their food. i had a toasted buffalo chicken wrap, which was nice and spicy, with chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella, buffalo sauce, and light ranch. afterwards, we had WATER ICE (i had mint-chip) and then went to the rose garden nearby, as it was too beautiful outside to go back in. so i had a nice time, i just needed some solitude afterwards. i started getting all worked up about the swine flu and just the fragility of life... happens to me every once in a while... but it's not helpful to live in fear.

i'm going to brunch at coquette, and i'm super excited because i've only been there for a cup of coffee, and i've heard rave reviews. i'm happy that my sister wants to go at 1, because that way there is no planning around meals... i just treat it like lunch.

i just finished this palate-pleasing breakfast:

1/2 wallaby vanilla (leftover from yesterday) + 1/2 peach chobani + zōe's granola + strawberries, maple-cinn waffle with almond butter, pumpkin butter, banana

(the yogurt was hiding)



  1. brunch at croquette sounds awesome! I can't wait to see your reviews!
    and I love that wrap! buffalo chicken? sounds so flavorful! but what thrills me more is that I think I have that cafe right about a mile away from my house! do you live in the DC metro area too?

  2. nope, i'm in raleigh, nc. yeah the place wasn't fine dining but it seemed of good quality and very fresh/flavorful. definitely superior to a subway. i'd go back.