Saturday, April 18, 2009

fast forward saturday

phew, i cannot believe it is already 8:30 p.m. lets see... here's how the hours flew by:

10a: went for a lovely 3.5 mile run, showered, etc.

12p: went to the tailor to get a few pants shortened

1p: met up with f. for lunch at our favorite café, where we sat outside and shared sandwiches: the plethora (hummus, tabouli, sprouts, havarti, sunflower seeds, and mustard baked into yumminess, and the homemade black bean burger with mustard and mayo and greeens. i had my sandwich(es) alongside a side of sliced apples and strawberries.

2p: went to bed, bath, and beyond (for a new--and washable--kitchen mat since my cute pear one is now gross), then to MARSHALL'S (my new favorite store) for some bargain hunting.

bought these:

romeo & juliet couture, $12.99

nike, $9.99

4p: stopped off at the closest grocery store (as lead by my GPS, this happened to be a korean market) to buy some garlic and ginger. while there i got to taste a yummy korean rice/bean cake.

5:30p: arrived home starving and hot! promptly ate this:

strawberry 365 frozen fruit bar

6p: put away purchases, set up my new (full size) drain to replace my tiny one (my old apartment had less counter space). i took a picture because here my old drain is draining in my new drain .

6:30p: realized cooking was not to be, and popped leftovers in the oven, grabbed an appetizer:

cilantro-jalapeno hummus and carrots

ate at least this many additional carrots afterwards. picture them yourself.

7:30p: dinnertime!

leftover blue cheese-stuffed pumpkin-black bean croquettes, drizzled w/ warm honey-cider vinaigrette

ok guys, seriously, does this look like a huge amount to you? because i started panicking afterwards. but it isn't quite a dinner-size plate, and i thought perhaps 2 of these would be skimpy for a dinner portion since they are only atop greens. i feel like i'm moving BACKWARDS in terms of comfort level these days. well, at least for dinner. although, on a positive note, my body image wasn't bad today.

8p: cleansed my palate with 4 juicy strawberries:

apparently my cat is pooped out, too. wonder how she spent HER day.

8:30p: finished blogging.

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