Friday, April 3, 2009

cocoa, marshmallows, and the running budget

susieq asked me how my running budget is going, and i realized i forgot to update y'all on some exciting news i received tuesday during my weekly visit with c. (the nutritionist). i told her i had gone over my budget for the 2nd week in a row, this time by about 1.5 miles... and well, she said that we could increase the budget! so now i'm allowed 12 miles/week (instead of the former 10). i've been running pretty much every other day, so this works out perfectly. i don't think i'll have trouble sticking with this. i've run around 6 miles this week (starting wednesday), so i'll probably run tomorrow and then monday. i don't feel like i NEED to use up all the miles, but now i have the option of running when i feel like it... and this weekend is going to be BEAUTIFUL so i'm sure i will feel like a run at least once!

cutest. snack. ever.:

i love how big marshmallows get when you nuke 'em! i'm feeling a bit like i overindulged today, but again, this is probably not reality. my nutritionist tells me to think of truths when i have disordered thoughts... and though i do not have the confidence to say "i did not eat too much," i can confidently say other things:
  1. my weight has never skyrocketed
  2. i have never been overweight
  3. a significant change in weight cannot happen in a week (or well, at least not with the way that i am eating)
  4. c. has a very close watch on my weight and will alert me to any danger, so i do not have to worry about it!
i feel slightly better already. i'm looking forward to a weekend of sun, friends, and some r & r.


  1. I'm glad the budget is working for you!

  2. good for you! keep those facts in mind whenever you feel anxious or worried. have a great weekend!

  3. thanks! burpandslurp i <3 your blog name!