Sunday, April 26, 2009

few pics today!

i've eaten most of my food out today, so i have few pics. at coquette with the sis/bro-in-law, i had the eggs florentine (2 poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on top of spinach/tomato/bread) + a side of fruit (canteloupe, raspberries, blueberries. the restaurant was divine, and i can't wait to go back to try their apple-brie crepe...

i polished off my plate, and so i really didn't get hungry for a mid-afternoon snack.

i went out for sushi for dinner (on a DATE, eek!), and i was quite hungry. we shared edamame, a spider roll (w/ soft shelled crab) and a samurai roll (not sure what was in this but it was yummy!). i felt like i ate just the right amount, without really trying .

just now i wanted something creamy, so i had...

remaining 1/2 of chobani peach with 3 juicy strawberries. i bought more of these local strawberries today... just can't get enough!

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