Thursday, April 2, 2009

dinner with the sis

my sister invited me over for a very simple but very gourmet dinner. it was delicious!

penne with ricotta and pine nuts (check out the heap of ricotta to the left!), and baked tomatoes with thyme

i had a bit of trouble with her camera... you can see the shadow of my head below !

afterwards, we sampled a french delicacy-- pates de fruits. these are basically grown-up sunkist fruit gems.

i had a raspberry one

i felt a bit awkward today at work, as for the second time in a row, i was the only one not partaking in the bday sugarfest (i learned that dirt cake is chocolate pudding + crumbled oreos + gummy worms). it wasn't as if i found the dessert unappetizing... i'm sure it was tasty... but i honestly wasn't hungry, and i didn't feel like i would be missing anything by not having it. not too long ago i WOULD have felt like i was missing out (because i was restricting all of my food) but now that i allow myself any food, when i want it, i feel like i can be discriminating based on hunger/mood/desire to enjoy a treat. i'm sure a couple people wondered why i wasn't eating the cake, or assumed that rebecca never eats treats, and perhaps my boss thought that i turned this down because it was a "scary food," but it doesn't really matter. =)

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  1. dinner looks delicious! Do you see your sister often? I know what you mean about the food choices and other people. Like you said though, only you know what choices you are making and you are eating what and when you want. That's healthy. I used to use energy trying to explain to people that just because I never eat donuts at work does not mean I never eat anything that is a treat. It just means I actually don't like donuts! But really, it's none of their business. You know what you are doing is right for you and whatever they are thinking isn't worth you considering as well.